Mainland Europe

These are the individual maps I compile and offer for countries in mainland Europe, and Islands (except the British Isles and Ireland, which can be found here):

  • TT 1:50K Look n Feel - Italy

Maps Currently Available Complete With Contours (TT 1:50K Look n Feel)
Please use order code A-1U-TT50SM, A-1E-TT50SM, C-SD-TT50SM, D-SD-TT50SM, E-SD-TT50SM or F-SD-TT50SM for these TT 1:50K Look n Feel versions; depending on card size required.

These are also available without contours if you prefer.

Country[#] Routable?
Not suitable for use as a basic sat-nav  for motor vehicles as routes down footpaths, bridleways and cycleways as well as other RoWs and roads.
Albania Yes
Alps (region) Yes
Andorra Yes
Austria Yes
Azores Yes
Belarus Yes
Belgium Yes
Bulgaria Yes
Croatia Yes
Cyprus Yes
Czech Republic Yes
Denmark Yes
Estonia Yes
Faroe Islands Yes
Finland Yes
France (includes Monaco) Yes
Germany Yes
Greece (including Islands) Yes
Hungary Yes
Iceland Yes
Italy (includes San Marino & Vatican City) Yes
Latvia Yes
Liechtenstein Yes
Lithuania Yes
Luxembourg Yes
Malta Yes
Netherlands Yes
Norway Yes
Poland Yes
Portugal (includes Madeira) Yes
Slovenia Yes
Spain (includes the Balearic Isles)
Does NOT include the Canary Isles, that is a separate map that is listed in the Africa page.
Sweden Yes
Switzerland Yes
Turkey Yes

Maps Currently Available Complete With Contours (Standard Style)

Please contact me as I no longer offer these, except as a custom order.

[#] Others to follow when time allows. Please contact me if you are looking for a country that isn’t currently listed.

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