Welcome to our new shop!

This new shop offers the same great quality maps, cards and services as before, but adds other payment options, which gives you more choice on how to pay, rather than just via PayPal.

All the maps offered here and others offered by Talkytoaster are based on data from multiple sources, including OSM and NASA.

If you are looking for Ordnance Survey maps (Garmin Discoverer, etc.) or Garmin GPS devices and accessories, these can be found here.

I send pre-loaded and tested map cards all over the World, not just to UK addresses.

The same is true for electronic (self-install maps and subscriptions), except there is no physical shipping involved...

I offer a single style of map for purchase/subscription:

TT 1:50K Look n Feel
This one mimics the Garmin Discoverer map but is based on OSM data. This map is recommended for walkers, cyclists and geocachers. It is not suitable for use as a sat-nav on roads as the routing is significantly different as it will route down footpaths, bridleways and other tracks as well as roads.

This map style offers the highest level of detail of my OSM based maps, often showing detail (where mapped) that would be only found on 1:25K or higher resolution maps. This includes field boundaries, benches, stiles, gates, water points, etc.

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